Come grow with Us! Ministries

Ministry Liaison

Assist the Pastor and other ministry leaders. Facilitate and expedite the ‘practical management’ side of fulfilling goals and objectives in keeping with Dominion Ministries vision and mission. Administers and coordinates people and projects as they relate to specific ministry goals. Serve as a contact person and is responsible for outreach purchasing, donations, and providing information that will enhance positive communications internally, with the community and foster ministry education.

Kingdom Life SupporT

Kingdom Life Support Ministry is a faith-based outreach of Dominion Ministries designed to be a lifeline by assisting people one on one, bringing hope and encouragement to their day to day life struggles. We stand alongside families/individuals by strengthening them and empowering them, so that they will establish and maintain stable Christian lifestyles and be equipped to fulfill God’s Kingdom agenda and purpose for their lives. Our goal is to meet the soul care emotional and practical needs of people inside as well as outside the congregation, whether by personal request or member referral.

International Outreach

Dominion Ministries has an international outreach arm that provides support in Burkina Faso, West Africa and Aboriginal Outreach in Kunnunara, Western Australia. This Ministry provides spiritual support for the conversion of unbelievers into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. In addition, we provide financial support to meet the natural needs of the people.

Benevolence Ministry

To glorify God by sharing Christ’s love and assisting with basic life necessities (i.e. food, housing, clothing) of people inside as well as outside our congregation. The Benevolence Ministry provides assistance to the poor and to those in need of food, clothing, shelter, and emergency support. We do not fund or assist in the development of social and economic dependency, cigarette or drug habits, poor financial management; or as an intended target for the guile and deceit of the slothful sluggard. Rather it caters to any legitimate need which can be determined as such as outlined by the Word of God, federal non-profit restrictions and sound judgment. Benevolence also includes expressions of kindness (sympathy), care and concern via cards, flowers, food, etc. specifically in the case of illness, grief and loss.

Intercessory Prayer Ministry

Undergirds prayer support for all ministries and members of Dominion Ministries, community, extended church family and home & global missions. Also maintains a Prayer chain ministry, as spirit-led.

First Touch Ministry (Ushers/Greeters)

The job of the ushers and greeters is to welcome, direct and assist congregants as they arrive, during and after the worship service. They ensure that all visitors are greeted with a friendly, warm and helpful first impression.

Prison Ministry

Minister to male and female inmates and ex-offenders and their families via mentoring, worship services, weekly bible study, and Christian resource materials.

Kingdom Men

Men have been given the key role in the Body of Christ. All believing men of the church, from the pastor to any believing man in the pew, have the responsibility to walk with Christ in obedience and grow in conformity to his image. Men, married or single, often live isolated from the active fellowship of other Christian men. Proverbs 27.17 says, “Iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.” The principle given here is that men need the encouragement, teaching, fellowship, and modeling of the Christian life from other men. The objective of the Kingdom Men’s Ministry is to disciple and equip the men of Dominion in their roles as men of God, whether married, single, older, younger. We seek to provide a venue for modeling the life of Christ to men. We seek to do this through teaching, fellowship, and service; providing opportunity for fostering spiritual friendships and developing discipling relationships, so that men can grow in conformity to Christ, specifically in their roles as men.

Kingdom Women’s Ministry

Women need women!! God created us as relational beings who need empathy, support, accountability, wisdom, and the friendship of other women. As women, we look to other women to help us understand and shape our lives. Our purpose is to mentor/coach, encourage, resource, and minister to women of all ages and stages of life. Through small group bible study, one-on-one, book study, or fellowship gathering, etc., we desire to provide opportunities and resources that nurture, prepare and release the God-given gift of influence and purpose in every woman into their homes, churches and the marketplace.


Our vision for our children and youth ministries at Dominion Ministries is to empower, equip, and teach them to know God for themselves and to build the foundation of advancing the Kingdom of God on Earth, as salt and light. We aim to make each child's experience at church... safe, enjoyable, and profitable in the process of becoming everything God has planned for them, through a surrendered life. Our leaders create a multi-age environment where God's presence is welcome, and the children experience God through lessons that relate to their real life for our Salteens and child-friendly activities for our Kingdom Kids.