—Our desire is to be "intentional" in being just like Jesus... He was REAL, RELEVANT, and RELATIONAL!

  • Growth through the discipleship learning community or "huddle" ... Jesus called it, "fruit that last."

    "A Huddle is a group of current or future believers (usually 6-8 people) where the leader is the discipler of the members and a discipleship culture is created. The huddle leader invites people into a discipling relationship where grace and investment are given, but they regularly challenge people to live into a life consistent with being a disciple of Jesus. This means that Huddles are not therapeutic in nature; rather, they help people discern what God is asking them to do and then respond.
    Huddles meet regularly to build momentum-at least every otherweek, though many meet every week, and generally a Huddle lasts between 1.5-2 hours. At the end of each Huddle, members will be able to clearly articulate: (1) What God is saying to them, and (2) What they are going to do about it. The next Huddle meeting holds people accountable to following through on their responses. Huddles do not grow by adding members to the group, but when members of the Huddles begin Huddles of their own, keeping with the Great Commission found in Matthew 28, "Go into all the world and make disciples."

  • Spirit led people- To "Be" (bear fruit of the spirit) the Church, before we "Do" (works) church
  • Love & serve one another, i.e. forgiving, forebearing & restoring one another, etc.
  • Local and global missions and evangelism- Share the Love of Jesus with others inside and outside the four walls of the building
  • Build relationships with one another
  • Worship together
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"Come Grow With Us"